Who is Fajtextile?

Passionate about beautiful fabrics, we aim to offer you quality products, healthy, and easy to sew. They are all woven and printed in Europe. Our mission: the comfort and friendliness of a store from wherever you want! Several years ago now, we launched the Fabric a Jersey, for pleasure, without great ambition. We had not for a moment envisioned that our customers from the first hour would be there again now and would support us so strongly on a daily basis. Thank you all! If we grow up it's thanks to each of your messages and commands. Our name has changed, we have become Fajtextile, but only the name changes. This allows us to start a new, more functional website and open ourselves to new international horizons, while offering you new materials. We may have a few surprises in store for you in the coming months... we'll tell you more as soon as possible!

Our team

The dream team nestled between two fields of Seine and Marne is made up of few people! Our deep line is the well-being of our employees. We are a "working family." We'd rather be less, but good. New members will expand the team at the end of 2019-early 2020. The growing volume of your orders no longer allows us to be in such a small committee. Several CDI jobs will be available. Besides, if you're tempted by the adventure, send us an email :) There's Emy: unstoppable on the Harry Potter universe and compulsive tea drinker, she prepares with love and attention each of your orders. The Wizard: doped at the café, it is our man of the shadows who manages the website, the photos, the graphic part, and it must be admitted, all the little things "technical" whatever the theme. And me, Alizée: you can see me on the videos we share on the Facebook group right here. I am the person who answers you by email or phone and oversees this whole happy team. (which also grumbles when the printer refuses to work and delays us all). Fajtextile does not have a strict hierarchy. If someone needs help, everyone works hand in hand. Emy can integrate products on the website as I can prepare orders. That's the magic of Fajtextile, you never know in the morning when you get what the day will be! Our number one mission: to prepare your orders in record time, while paying the utmost attention to it.


Because telling you who we are and how we see Fajtextile is good, but you're the one who talks about it best... We invite you to read Trustpilot reviews filed by our customers who share their experience with you. (you'll find these reviews at the foot of the home page)